Welcome to the Francesca Montanaro website -Psychotherapy and Counselling
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Welcome to the Francesca Montanaro website -Psychotherapy and Counselling
Welcome to the Francesca Montanaro website -Psychotherapy and Counselling


I went to see Francesca when I felt I was no longer able to cope and everything in my life was going wrong, following a severe panic attack. I couldn’t understand why I wasn't coping following the birth of my daughter. Francesca was very empathetic and incisive in identifying the issues I was facing. My sessions with her have not only helped me gain an understanding of my traits, habits and patterns but also given me the toFrancesca Montanaro - Psychotherapy and Counselling in Readingols to cope better in future situations.

I was able to learn a lot about myself, lessons I will hold on to going forward. It was a massive relief for me to get to a clear headspace. Changing my perspective and helping me to think differently helped me to understand what was important. I was able to do this through a lot of self evaluation and analysis prompted by Francesca who's insights were very reassuring. As a result I felt balanced and confident, but most importantly, I felt capable and strong enough to move forward in my life. Thank you Francesca.”

I started working with Francesca after suffering on and off with depression and anxiety, which then developed into post-natal depression after having my son. I was really reluctant to seek help for a long time, however I read reviews on Francesca’s page and felt like I could immediately trust her. When I met Francesca, I was really happy that I had taken the leap to go and see her. Over the course of around 8 months she really helped me work through my issues and anxiety’s. I never felt judged or like what I was thinking and feeling didn’t matter, she really helped me understand my thoughts and feelings in ways I hadn’t been able to before. I’ve now stopped my sessions with Francesca, however I know she is always an email away if I need to have a drop in session or start up again. I feel like I’ve come a long way since starting with her and I am so happy that I did! “

“I was going through a very difficult time in both my marriage and personal life. Francesca helped me to see things from a totally different perspective. She was incredibly easy to talk to and I felt like I could say anything without being judged and with complete confidentiality. I would whole heartedly recommend Francesca.”

My Fiancé & I were having some problems that we just couldn't deal with on our own.I believe that these issues, if left, could have caused real damage to our relationship.Initially we both had an appointment with Francesca. We then each had a separate appointment so Francesca could assess us individually, which also gave us the opportunity to be more open and honest without the other being there. It became apparent from these first appointments that it was me that needed to work on some things. Francesca recommended that I should continue with my appointments on my own, but made sure that my Fiancé knew that she could come for an appointment at any time should she feel she needed to.

The insight Francesca gave me, made me realise that I needed to make some hard decisions to help simplify my life; I never would have made these decisions without Francesca's help, because I always questioned my own insight and judgement. Francesca gave me the skills to cope with the very hard and upsetting choices I had to make; without her help my life would be more negative and the relationship with my Fiancé, who I adore, would be fraught with arguments and difficult discussions.I believe, and so does my Fiancé, that I am a much more positive and confident person after my sessions with Francesca and as I said to Francesca very recently 'I'm a new Man'. I would whole heartedly recommend to couples and individuals to go and see Francesca if they are having problems they just can't deal with on their own.With my hard work and Francesca's skills I believe a miracle has occurred.”

‘Francesca has a remarkable talent for making me feel at ease and being able to speak frankly about subjects that I dare not mention to anybody else. This is the first time that I have ever had counselling so I was nervous but I had no need to be as Francesca is very easy to talk to and she was also happy to ask me really important, non-judgemental questions in order to help me see what I needed to see’

“Having previously had very successful therapy with Francesca, I decided to go and see her again safe in the knowledge that I could trust her totally with the way I was feeling without feeling judged and knowing that I had her unfailing support.Francesca really listens, but not only that, she challenged me. She did not allow me simply to wallow in how I was feeling but showed me how to examine those feelings, take control of them and learn from them too. It may be difficult at first to face why you have ended up where you are but with Francesca’s support I have turned everything around and feel that I really have the tools to handle difficult emotions and know that I am the one in charge of my life now.

Francesca’s support is really special not only because she tailors her session to you as an individual, but also because she will let you know when it is time to start trusting yourself to move ahead on your own and realise how far you have come, knowing that she will always be there to back you up if things get tough again.Francesca provides an absolutely unique approach to counselling, she will make you think, she will make you look inside yourself and you can be absolutely assured that she is walking beside you as you make your way through what can often be a difficult journey.”

“I just wanted to write and thank you for all your help so far with my quest for greater confidence. My confidence seems to be growing with every session because you always seem to ask me the right questions at the right time. You then have the patience to work through the answers with me, but without leading me.”

“The greatest 'light-bulb' experience I have had with you was when I started answering my own questions. Breakthrough! When the session ends and I walk to my car I always seem to be a few inches taller and in a very positive frame of mind, with the feeling that I could cope with anything anyone wanted to throw at me. Long may it continue. Looking forward to my next appointment...”

“Seeing Francesca has really made a difference to me. I have regained my confidence, and feel stronger than I was previously. I feel the support I received was amazing - I felt as if I was confiding in a friend rather than a stranger, and this made me feel relaxed and comfortable. If I ever feel in the future that I need to talk through any problems, I would definitely contact Francesca first."

“I was really struggling with every day, completely lacking in self-confidence and feeling at the end of my tether. I was really nervous about going to see someone but Francesca was reassuring from the start. Francesca is very easy to talk to - my sessions with her were just like talking to a friend – and I left the sessions feeling rejuvenated. I have begun to see a side of myself that had been hiding for years & I have more confidence than ever before. Francesca has a talent for asking the right questions at the right time & get you thinking about what you need to. She was there during some very difficult times and I know that if I ever need support again all I need to do is lift the phone and she will be there to help me through.”


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